How to buy?

1) Register with us
All trade customers need to register details with us in order to open up an account. It is is quick and simple to do online. Once you have sumbitted your details our sales department will be in contact to request proof of your store (utility bill or lease agreement) and can then open up your account. Registration is important to protect our current retailers from consumers, impersonators or online only retailers falsely buying at trade prices. If you do not receive an email from us within 48 hours please check your spam/junk folder in case correspondence has gone into it. 
2) Useful things to know
  • Your first order must be £200 or over
  • Carriage free shipment within mainly UK is £200
  • Overseas customers are charged carriage per box and the fixed rate will depend on the Zone your country falls in. You will automatically be charged for one box at checkout on which VAT is applicable. We will contact you for payment on additional boxes (if applicable) once your order is packed.
  • All accounts are proforma and you can make payment at checkout or choose to pay by bank transfer - please quote your account number as reference
  • You will be entitled to loyalty credit which is up to 4% of your annual spend with Baby Brands Direct and will be automatically issued to your account on your anniversary with us. However, please note regular orders i.e. at least once a month should be place in order to ensure entitlement
  • Volume discounts are available on the website. Both prices and quantities are fixed and cannot be negotiated
  • If you or your customer develops a faulty product you can use our faulty products log to report this and we will do all we can to resolve this ASAP
  • We have a stock updates and deletions page which lists by brand any products out of stock and an approximate next due in date
  • All orders, invoices, credit notes, statements, and loyalty credit receipts can be downloaded from your online account
  • You can view the status of new and back orders and add to backorders online yourself
  • Our catalogue is regularly updated and can be viewed and downloaded online
  • We will send you weekly e-shots to keep you up to date on industry, brand and product news
3) My Account 
We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few features our portal offers so that you can make the best of it. When you log in for the first time you will be given the opportunity to update your registration with any further details such as multiple delivery address - if you don’t need to do so simply move away by clicking any of the available tabs. Thereafter this will only happen periodically and instead you will land on the ‘My Account’ page.

This ‘My Account’ page has 4 information scrolls as a quick means of keeping you up to date on industry, brand and product news categorised as follows: new products’,’latest blogs’,’news and offers’ and ‘exclusive brands’ and will even include information such as awards won, press coverage by our brands, specials offers and competitions. In addition, this page features our online catalogue – simply click on the catalogue image and it will open up for you to flick through.

On the ‘My Account’ page you will also see a link called update registration which allows you to update your e-mail address, telephone and contact numbers etc. In addition, there is a link to re-set your login password and a link to advise how far away you are from earning loyalty credit and how much you can expect and when! Please remember that we would expect you to place at least one order per month to be entitled to loyalty credit which can earn you up to 4% back of your annual spend with us.
4) Placing Orders
There are various options available on how you place your orders online. You can browse through products by category or brand, and either click on a product to see it’s details or tick the ‘select’ underneath single or multiple products and then press ‘view selected items’ to see more product detail on each item. In product details you can read about the product, view product images, watch video clips, view pack sizes, the Suggested Retail Price, unit cost price and view further volume discount pricing. Enter the quantity you require of that product alongside each variable and the total quantity box for that product will automatically populate. When you are ready press add to cart’ – the system will automatically put the item in your cart at the correct price in line with quantity bought.

If you are more familiar with the products you can use the quick order tab which lists all products with a small picture, item code, product description and unit price. You can further filter this list down to what you have previously bought, or to what you have previously brought by brand or all products by brand. Products are listed alpha-numerically and to the right of each is a box for you to add the quantity required. When you have completed this for all products simply press ‘add items’ and all items for which you have entered a quantity for will automatically go into your cart.
5) Prices

Please note that all prices listed are trade prices and if VAT is applicable to the product and your store this will be displayed and applied at checkout. Please note certain products such as clothing are VAT exempt, others such as gift baskets may have a composite VAT rate. These products have a sign on them to highlight this. Export customers within the EU, with a VAT number will be exempt from all VAT on products but must provide a copy of this documentation prior to order placement.
You can download a price list in either PDF or excel format and information includes item code, description, pack size, trade price and the manufacturers’ suggested retail price. Simply click on the price list tab when logged in and select which price list you require. Options include price list including all products or you can select to download specific brand price lists.
6) Promotions

Every fortnight a special trade promotion is run exclusively for our customers. Simply press the competitions tab to see what promotion is currently running and what you could win for free of charge or discount available to use.  Baby Brands Direct gives away an average of £1000 worth of stock each month so please participate.
In addition, there is a dedicated sale page which is updated regularly with brand and specific product offers in order to maximise retailer profits. Some of these offers are funded by our manufacturers to incentivise and reward retailers for dedicating shelf space and time to promote their products. Finally, point of sale material is available which you can add to your order free of charge. We also have access to brand display stands which we advise you e-mail us if of interest to you. 
7) Checkout
Customers are reminded that your first order with us must be over £200 net and that this will entitle you to carriage free shipping. On completion of this first order you will also automatically be issued with an account number which will have a prefixed BBD. It will be most helpful to quote this going forward in any communication.

At checkout you will have the option to select a delivery address which can be the same as your invoice address or from any of your stored delivery addresses or you can type in any other unique delivery address at that point. In addition, there is a box available for you to enter your reference number and a box for any special instructions that we should be aware of e.g. your courier is collecting the order, packing instructions, unusual shop opening days/time.
8) Payment

After you have confirmed your order you will be taken to a payment screen as all orders are on a proforma basis. Options for all credit card, debit card and paypal are all available. Alternatively, you can select to check out by bank transfer and we request you quote your account number as the reference when doing so. Due to high levels of fraud we rarely accept cheques.

You will then receive an email confirmation of your order, please consider this receipt of your order. If payment has been made at checkout your order will be processed immediately for dispatch the same day if placed before 2pm or alternatively the following morning. If payment is not received a proforma payment request will be e-mailed to you.
9) Stock

The website stock listings are linked to our inventory system and updated every 15mins. The inventory system updates as orders are invoiced (not when received) and therefore there is a possibility of overselling an item. In the case where we cannot send all the goods you have ordered we will keep any order over £40 on backorder. You will receive an e-mail 2 days before the stock is due into the warehouse with the option of adding to this backorder. Immediately on receipt of stock your order will be processed for dispatch. Alternatively, if you prefer us to cancel all backorders please e-mail us and we will set your account to automatically cancel them. In this case, any monies received will return to your account and automatically be off set against new orders.
When logged into the website please refer to our stock updates and deletions page for information regarding when a product is next expected back in stock. Please note we will of course always try to improve the dates listed where possible. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for important information on discontinued items which will not come back into stock – this is particularly important if you sell online.
10) Current Orders

You can view all your orders and track the status of them by going to the order status tab. Here you will see a list of all your orders placed in date order. Information includes order number, order placement date, items ordered, dispatch notes (itemisation of items ordered and dispatched alongside shipment date information and courier tracking details), and current status. The later will include status information such as ‘with warehouse’ (i.e. in picking and packing), ‘incomplete box’, ‘insufficient stock’, ‘part dispatched’, ‘part dispatch – backorder cancelled’ and ‘completed’. The ‘incomplete box’ status is exclusively for export customers as carriage is charged at a fix rate per box and therefore customers are given the option to add to their order.

In the order status screen, if you have either an outstanding backorder or incomplete box you can add up to £150 carriage free (UK customers only) to your order. Simply press the ‘view and amend backorder’ and a screen will appear for you to type in the product codes and quantities that you require.
11) Delivery

Goods are sent on a 24 hour UK service (Mon-Fri), with the exception of furniture and mattresses which due to their size are routed through a different carrier and can be expected within 48hrs of dispatch. You will receive a dispatch e-mail notification including details of who has picked and packed your order alongside which courier service and tracking number it has been dispatched by. If you provide us with your mobile number you will also receive a text to advise a 1hr time slot when delivery will be made.
Overseas customers should allow 2-5days in transit time. Box dimensions used are 77cm by 47cm by 47cm and will always be packed as efficiently as possible and filled to the maximum. If not full we will e-mail you prior to dispatch to check if you wish to add anything. 
12) Accounts
The tab named invoice and credit notes lists every single invoice and credit note issued to your account and can be downloaded and printed off in PDF format. The selection is pre-set to a date range of 2 months so please remember to change the search criteria if looking for paperwork prior to this. 
In addition, there is a tab called activity log from where you can print your account statement and which shows in detail all activity relating to your account. So for example it will include debits and credits relating to items you may have added or deleted from your order, when a backorder is cancelled, when payment is received or refunded. You can also download and print off invoices and credit notes from this screen. 
13) Terms and Conditions
Please take 5 minutes to read our:

14) Contacting Us

We kindly request your co-operation in using our facilities, following our procedures and using the information available on the website where possible in order to maintain our efficiency and enable us to continue to provide you with optimal pricing. 
We have a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers box and Terms and Conditions tab which may answer many of your queries so please refer to these before contacting us. Also on our contact us page you will see a form for reporting faulty or damaged items. Please log into the website and use this dynamic form to report in detail any product issues that you require our assistance with. You will be given the option to include your invoice no. and picture of the item. You can then follow the progress of this enquiry through yourenquires tab visible when logged in.